About Us

Captain Todd began fishing as a very young child mostly fishing with his Grandfather until he was old enough to ride his bike to the local pond or river. At about 8 or 9 years old he and his younger brother would ride over 10 miles each way to fish in the river which ran through the town that they grew up in Washington State. As a young teen that bike and a couple of others got real work outs, If it wasn’t Harvest Trout (Sea Run Cutts) or Jack Salmon, Summer/Winter Steelhead and the annual runs of Salmon (coho & Chinook) that took place each fall it would be the Trout, Perch, Bluegill, Crappie and occasional Large Mouth Bass that occupied the local lakes.

After a stint in the US Navy in the mid 70’s Captain Todd returned to his Pacific NW home and resumed the outdoor life he had loved so much as a youngster. After a couple of years back he began college at a local community school and then finished up his degree at WSU in Vancouver, WA. After college he had the opportunity to go to work for one of the PNW’s premium fishing rod manufacturers. After spending 20 years there as a manufacturing engineer and the company rod and blank designer he moved to Florida to work for a local fishing rod component distributor. He immediately began fishing the local estuaries (Mosquito Lagoon & Indian River)it took about 2 seconds to become addicted to sight fishing for the elusive Redfish in the Lagoons. It was almost like hunting but with a fishing rod, push pole and polarized sun glasses. This is where Captain Todd resides today, He custom builds every rod on his boat to make sure of the quality and setup for the customer’s satisfaction.