Full Day on the Beach

A typical Full Day Beach trip is dependent on the time of year when it comes to species found. But if you are here for the late spring through early Fall it might consist of running the beach looking for Tarpon feeding on bait to stalking Bonita on the flats of the Canaveral Bight with a fly rod.For most of the year, you can find Kingfish on just a short trip from the beach. Year-round, Sharks, Snook and Bonita can be found on the beach or not that far off. The July – September period has you encountering Tarpon, Sharks, and Snook right on t he beach. There are a multitude of species to be had from Tripletail on the buoys to sharks of many species, bonita, kingfish, spanish mackerel, Tarpon and Snook.

The hot times (I mean temperature) bring on much bait right in the surf along with that follows the predator species. During July, August and September Bonita can be had fairly easily with fly, now that is a kick……… During the same time Sharks, Tarpon & Snook are feeding on large schools of bait just a couple hundred feet off the beach.

This is always a good time and fun for all.

For pricing we give you the option of placing a deposit to reserve the date. The deposit is refundable up to 7 days prior to the charter. The price on each charter includes one person and there is an additional fee for each additional angler.
$600.00 = 1 angler 8 hours
$650.00 = 2 anglers 8 hours
$700.00 = 3 anglers 8 hours

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