Recent Purchase:

I wanted to take a minute and talk to you about a recent purchase I made. I have been using the same insulated aerated bait bucket for years and it was getting a bit ratty and really just wasn’t working as well as it used to. So I figure it was time for a replacement after a few trips where the live Shrimp didn’t make it even half a day let alone 6 – 8 hours.
So……. I got online and checked out the Engel “Live Bait Dry Box / Cooler” basically a cooler plumed to allow an aerator outside and air stone attached to tubing inside. Well I decided I’d get the 30 qt. model (now 30 qt is 7 1/2 gallon) Needless to say I could have probably gotten by with the 20qt but no problem. This unit is fantastic, not only does it keep the original water temp consistent but it has a full size net inside so all you have to do when you open it is to pull up on the handle and pick out your bait.

I made one purchase afterwards and that was for the foam feet to keep it from sliding on the deck. This bait cooler has been fantastic and really does the job at keeping those baits whether croakers or shrimp or pinfish super lively.
Engel Coolers

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ICAST 2018

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the 2018 Icast show in Orlando. Icast is a fishing tackle industry show put on by the ASA (american sportfishing association). While I have attended this show for 30 years this was the first time I wasn’t there to work in a booth. It was nice with to be able to walk the show and take my time looking at products. I was also able to visit some of my sponsors that were in attendance like Mud Hole Custom Tackle & MHX Rods.
Engel Coolers
Ardent Reels and Power Pole. While there were ton’s of new products for the fishing industry I probably didn’t see 10%. You can check out the show by visiting their website.


June 20 Charter

Today’s trip was supposed to be a hunt for Barracuda, well I had gone scouting last week and found plenty of them for Dustin and Christina. This morning we had a wind change and the 0.9 wave height every 12 seconds turned into 2.5 every 3 seconds. So in the morning we made one attempt but it was just too rough. We went back in closer to shore and caught a big Nurse Shark and some Mangrove Snapper and other reef dwellers. With about 1 1/2 hours left in the trip it was looking like the water was laying down a bit so we ran out to the Buoy’s where we trolled Cuda Tubes past each can and if we picked up a cuda or had a follower we would stop and cast the tubes at them. Well needless to say Dustin and Christina were successful with a couple of Barracuda to the boat and many other blowups and several that cut through the line.

For me having never targeting this species I enjoyed the blowups and shear strength that they possess. I have caught many barracuda in the past but always as by-catch when fishing for something else. IMG_20180620_171250_166IMG_20180620_171250_165

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Today’s Charter 6/14/18


Today’s charter was out of New Smyrna Beach, the two gentlemen I was fishing were from Georgia and it was Lance’s birthday and his buddy Eddie was joining him for the birthday trip. First thing Lance told me was that Eddie had never caught a Snook and would there be snook where we were going? Well I told him that the first spot we were hitting would have a mixed bag available and I’d skip over the lady fish and Jacks and go directly to the area where the Snook and Reds would be. Well as we entered the creek we immediately saw predator fish blowing up on schools of finger mullet in the 4″ – 5″ range. So on Eddies 3rd cast he hooked up on something that immediately swam into the middle of the creek where the water depth was about 8′ deep. As he didn’t initially jump when he hooked him just inches from the mangrove lined shore I was thinking a big red. After a few minutes he got him closer to the boat and up close to the top and we saw a beautiful 25″ Snook. Well Eddie had his first Snook and it was the first fish in the boat that morning. We continued through the morning chasing reds and snook through the creeks and then ended it in Ponce Inlet where we loaded up on Mangrove Snapper, Red Fish, Sea Bass and even a Grouper. Was a great day, Thanks to Lance and Eddie…..

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Mud Hole Custom Tackle Facebook Live

I had the opportunity to participate in one of Mud Holes Facebook live presentations last night to fill in for Hunter McKamey. The topic was “Actions & Powers” meaning the differences in Actions vs Powers in fishing rods or blanks. I’m leaving a link to the show please view it.

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