Day 2 IFA Championship, Hopedale, LA

Day two of the final IFA event of the year started out beautiful. It was calm, barely a wisp of a breeze, beautiful blue sky’s and it was looking like a sight fishing day. Due to the water falling out because of the wind direction change we decided to hit some areas where we were sure there would still be water. First spot we caught some keeper fish but we returned them as we knew that we had to have a couple of monster fish to even have a chance to get in the top 25. We continued to weed through 18 – 23″ fish in several spots and then made a move to an area where we knew we would have big fish and should be able to sight fish them. We pulled into the first pond and made one cast hooked a slob of a fish and because we were sitting basically in the silt, needed to pull up the trolling motor. After we took care of that fish we put the trolling motor back down and proceeded to head up the bank. The trolling motor would no longer turn, the motor that controls the left / right movement was not functioning any longer. We attempted to operate it manually and that wasn’t going to cut it so we resorted to our East Florida techniques and got out the trusty Push Pole. While we weren’t able to cover the areas nearly as fast as we could have with a trolling motor we were able to get around in the shallows. We were now catching 27″ – 30″ fish and were looking for 2 that would fit into the slot. We did manage a couple of 24″ fish which we decided we had best put in the live well as we were nearing time to head back to the weigh-in. We finished out the day catching over-size fish which any other time isn’t too bad. But today it wasn’t our goal. Needless to say we never found those perfect fish and ended up carrying the two 24″ fish back to the weigh-in. Back at the Launch site we found what we expected, equal weights to the previous days hi’s. We finished out the season at the championship in Hopedale, La once again in the middle of the pack. We did have a great time fishing the IFA this year and being as I was able to fish it with my favorite partner made it all the better. Looking forward to 2019.

Once again I’d like to thank my sponsors that made it possible for me to be there, Mud Hole Custom Tackle, Rothrock Marine, MHX Rods, Engel Coolers, Power Pole, THMarine, Florida Fishing Products.


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