IFA Jacksonville #2

Well our East Coast Florida division was supposed to finish up this year in Titusville, Fl. Which would have allowed us to fish the north Indian River, Merritt Island and Mosquito Lagoon. Part way into the summer the FWC contacted the IFA and requested that they tournament be moved due to fish kills, low population and the general poor fishing. So the IFA moved the tournament back to Jacksonville, FL really not to anyone’s dismay. Due to charters already scheduled I was unable to pre-fish Jacksonville as I had gone ahead and scheduled charters for the area I was planning on fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon. So on Friday afternoon I picked up my partner in Edgewater and we made the 2 hr. trip to Brown’s bay where the Captains meeting was being held. We were pretty much shooting in the dark but had 3 or 4 productive spots layed out for Saturday blast off. We drew #75 out of 85 for a number which I don’t feel harmed our fishing. We were able to get into our first spot with plenty of water in it and there we remained for the entire day. We caught a mess of fish but as is often the issue getting those perfect fish was a struggle. But we were close on both sides and continued to fish in hopes to nail the right ones. We ended up with 9 lbs. which in Louisiana would have been 1 fish. So we headed into the weigh in only to find that the high weight was 12 lbs., we were expecting to find 14+. Anyway we ended up in 25th out of 85 boats had a great day fishing and it was fun fishing another IFA event.


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