Summer Doldrums

WoW, here we are almost through the summer again. While summer is a busy time I have to be honest when I say that I’m glad that it’s over. This season brings with it a large variety of fisheries so there is a lot of moving around and opportunities to put the hammer down on some fish that you just don’t see at other times of the year. What also comes along with this time is shortened fishing periods, I usually try to fish from 6 am to noon at the very latest. The storms blowing in really seemed to be much more bothersome this year than any that I could remember.
Another thing that has gained considerable attention this summer is the different forms of algae blooms. While we have been dealing with the Red Tide on the West coast forever and the Brown Algae in the Indian River which has gotten worse and worse over the past 10 years, this year we saw a considerable increase in the Blue/Green Algae Slime exiting from the waterways east and west of Okeechobee. These highly poisonous algae blooms have certainly taken their toll on the fisheries and marine life in effected areas. The state and FWC have been extremely slow to take steps to fix these problems but with the high levels currently and it being an election year all of the candidates are making promises to deal with the issues. We will see after this fall and the elections take place whether this really happens. Having lost almost all of the sea grasses from Sebastian Inlet to Haulover Canal the Indian River fisheries are struggling. Many guides have been targeting the schools of Black Drum due to lack of Red Fish, thank goodness they have maintained a strong presence.
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