June 20 Charter

Today’s trip was supposed to be a hunt for Barracuda, well I had gone scouting last week and found plenty of them for Dustin and Christina. This morning we had a wind change and the 0.9 wave height every 12 seconds turned into 2.5 every 3 seconds. So in the morning we made one attempt but it was just too rough. We went back in closer to shore and caught a big Nurse Shark and some Mangrove Snapper and other reef dwellers. With about 1 1/2 hours left in the trip it was looking like the water was laying down a bit so we ran out to the Buoy’s where we trolled Cuda Tubes past each can and if we picked up a cuda or had a follower we would stop and cast the tubes at them. Well needless to say Dustin and Christina were successful with a couple of Barracuda to the boat and many other blowups and several that cut through the line.

For me having never targeting this species I enjoyed the blowups and shear strength that they possess. I have caught many barracuda in the past but always as by-catch when fishing for something else. IMG_20180620_171250_166IMG_20180620_171250_165

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